One In Four Drivers Still Texting At The Wheel: NRMA Photo:
Trevor Collett | Sep, 23 2013 | 3 Comments

A new survey with insurer NRMA has found that many motorists are still risking lives by using their mobile phones illegally while driving.

The survey of 500 drivers also found an alarming 91 percent admitted to sending text messages or reading emails behind the wheel.

Half the drivers surveyed said they updated their Facebook status, played games on their phones or sent tweets while driving.

A further 76 percent said they used their phones to take photos while driving, and 22 percent said they were posting photos on Instagram while on the move.

NRMA Insurance spokesperson, Tracy Woodley, said the survey results were concerning, as drivers are still ignoring safety warnings.

“All too often we see drivers running the risk and talking on their mobile phone or glancing down to write or read a text message, putting their lives, other drivers and pedestrians at risk,” Ms Woodley said.

“The increasing appetite for social media distraction is demonstrated by half of drivers admitting to using Facebook or tweeting while driving, and with the growth of sharing pictures, 76 per cent are taking photos, up from 38 per cent last year.”

Ms Woodley also said that drivers who need to use their mobile phones while in the car should pull over in a safe place before doing so.

Despite the NRMA survery results, a recent anit-mobile phone safety campaign in NSW called “Get your hand off it” was deemed a success, with a music video used to alert young people to the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

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