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NSW Government Launches 'Get Your Hand Off It' Campaign: Video
NSW Government Launches Anti Driver Distraction Video

The New South Wales government has launched a new campaign targeting drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel. ...

Jun 14, 2013 (4 years ago)
Nearly 50 Percent Of Young Drivers Use Web While Driving: Study

A new study on motorist distractions in the US suggests that 48 percent of drivers under 30 use the internet while drivi...

Nov 20, 2012 (5 years ago)


South Australia The Next To Introduce Digital Driver Licences

FRI, 29 SEP, 2017

South Australia will follow New South Wales into the world of digital driver’s licences, with a new app to be available from next month.

Jaguar Sayer Concept - A Steering Wheel For 2040

MON, 4 SEP, 2017

Jaguar has combined the autonomous car with a removable steering wheel that acts in a similar way to a smartphone.

Victoria - Surprise New Road Rules Uncovered By RACV

WED, 19 JUL, 2017

Victoria’s RACV has trawled through more than 500 pages of road rules to uncover some hidden new or amended laws that came into effect in Vic...

Apple Introduces ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ Feature To Prevent Driver Distraction

TUE, 6 JUN, 2017

Apple has used its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in California overnight to announce a new driving-related safety feature aim...

Volvo Google Android Partnership For Next-Gen Connected Cars

TUE, 16 MAY, 2017

Volvo has announced a partnership with tech giant Google to push better connectivity with Google’s Android brand.

Nissan Signal Shield Uses 1830s Technology For A 2017 Problem

THU, 4 MAY, 2017

Medicinal castor oil, penny-farthing bicycles, public spittoons - these are just a small selection of ‘ideas’ from yesteryear that don&...

More Data Confirms Car Ownership Is Declining

THU, 30 MAR, 2017

Traffic congestion, increased costs, living in the city, pollution, taxes…as TMR has reported previously it’s no wonder young people a...

Mazda Moves On Apple CarPlay And Android Auto - Will Offer Retrofitting

WED, 15 MAR, 2017

Mazda is the latest carmaker to declare across-the-board availability of smartphone mirroring will be available soon.

Mobile Phone ‘Simplicity’ Proposed As Next Step For Safety By NHTSA

THU, 1 DEC, 2016

America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has suggested mobile phone companies alter their products to offer nothing b...

New L And P Plate Laws In New South Wales Sees Mobile Phones Banned

WED, 2 NOV, 2016

Young drivers ‘addicted’ to their mobile phones will have one month to kick the habit, as new laws will shortly come into effect i...


Nokia HF-510 Display Speakerphone Review

THU, 19 AUG, 2010

Every other week, Australia’s state police bodies and traffic authorities bang on about the dangers of driving while talking on a han...


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