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NSW Speed Camera Activists Gain International Attention, Ministerial Fury

What started as a Facebook page encouraging drivers to obscure the view of mobile speed cameras in Australia has now gained international attention.

The Social Party: Join TMR On Facebook, Twitter, Google+ And Instagram

Whether you're a regular TMR reader or a new visitor to our corner of the interwebs, there's a handful of easy ways to keep up with the lat...

Drivers Turning To Social Media To Avoid Fines: RACQ

New research from Queensland’s RACQ has revealed drivers are trending towards social media in order to avoid mobile speed cameras and ot...

One In Four Drivers Still Texting At The Wheel: NRMA

A new survey with insurer NRMA has found that many motorists are still risking lives by using their mobile phones illegally while driving.

NSW Government Launches 'Get Your Hand Off It' Campaign: Video

The New South Wales government has launched a new campaign targeting drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel.

US Regulators Give In-car Social Media The Thumbs Down

The US Transport Department has released a list of non-compulsory guidelines for in-car infotainment systems, and it has Facebook and Twitter fi...

Peter Brock: Road To Glory Winners Announced

TMR is on Twitter and Facebook.

Car Town Game Launches On Facebook

If you've managed to steer clear of the hugely popular farming, restaurant and ganglord games on Facebook, there's a new title you ...

2009 Ford Fiesta Facebooks For Future Fame

Wow, that title really took a dive towards the end there, didn’t it? Ford is hoping for better though, as it turns to social networking outlets ...

TMR Joins the Ranks of The Hopelessly Facebooked

Friends, we've been sucked in to The Facebook Fad™. If you're a Facebook user, why not show your support for The Motor Report and "become a fan"...

2018 Mazda3 design competition winner

It looks as though the future of automotive design is in safe hands.

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