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Trevor Collett | Jan, 08 2015 | 8 Comments

Parking inspectors around Australia could soon have a new weapon to monitor those who overstay their welcome.

The system incorporates the wearable computer Google Glass, enabling parking inspectors to do away with chalk and note pads; both conventional and electronic.

Google Glass’ camera captures and stores the registration of vehicles parked in time-restricted parking bays.

When the parking inspector comes by a second or subsequent time, the glasses will inform them if a vehicle has stayed beyond the permissible time.

This means the days of wiping chalk marks from tyres or moving the vehicle to a new spot to ‘extend’ the parking allowance could soon be over.

Manly Council on Sydney’s Northern Beaches are expected to begin trialling the new software from next month, which is the work of Manly locals TechBeach.

Other councils are also understood to be interested in the technology, and TechBeach is keen to attract new customers.

While the software developer hasn’t said so, the device could also enable police to ‘outsource’ registration checks to parking officers and councils in the future, in a way similar to private companies operating speed cameras.

As every Australian state and territory has now done away with registration labels, the camera could tell the parking officer whether the vehicle is registered or not - and if it has been parked for longer than the maximum allowable time.

Two fines in one instant.

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