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Google Glass: A New Weapon For Sydney Parking Inspectors

THU, 8 JAN, 2015

Parking inspectors around Australia could soon have a new weapon to monitor those who overstay their welcome.

Texting With Google Glass While Driving Is Only Marginally Safer: Study

TUE, 30 SEP, 2014

Using the ‘wearable computer’ Google Glass to compose a text message while driving is no safer than using a mobile phone handset to typ...

Court Dismisses Ticket Issued For Driving While Wearing Google Glass

TUE, 21 JAN, 2014

An American court has dismissed a ticket issued to a motorist for allegedly operating Google’s new ‘Glass’ system, a wearabl...

2014 Hyundai Genesis: Now Compatible With Google Glass

MON, 6 JAN, 2014

Greater integration of the smartphone with in-car systems has been building in recent years, and Hyundai is determined to get on top of t...

Metaio ‘Wearable’ Automotive Manual Debuts At Consumer Electronics Show

SUN, 5 JAN, 2014

Augmented-reality group Metaio will demonstrate a wearable automotive manual at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las V...

Mercedes Develops Navigation System Compatible With Google Glass

TUE, 29 OCT, 2013

Mercedes-Benz has developed a satellite navigation system designed to work in harmony with Google Glass.



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