Audi Q1 Softroader May Happen: Report Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jan, 19 2012 | 0 Comments

Audi's aspirations for a sub-Q3 softroader have been rumoured in the past, however fresh reports say that a proposed 'Q1' is still some years away from reality.

A source within Audi allegedly let slip to British magazine What Car that a Q1 model would fit in well with the German automaker's line up, and could be a good opportunity to capitalise further on the A1's platform.

"You've seen how our SUVs have been getting smaller – Q7, Q5, Q3 – and the A1 platform could go in that direction, but nothing is planned for the near future," the un-named source said.

With no immediate plans to bring the so-called Q1 to market, an Audi-badged supermini SUV would most likely arrive in the second half of this decade - if at all.

Late last year Audi revealed the A1 Sportback, which brought the total number of bodystyles offered on the A1's VW Polo-derived platform to two.

A Q1 variant would take that number to three, however Audi will reportedly not offer an A1 convertible anytime soon due to fears it may cannibalise A3 Cabriolet sales.

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