Mike Stevens | Jun 17, 2011

First it was the behemoth Q7 in 2005, then followed the smaller Q5 and, coming soon, the entry-level Q3.

Now, if reports out of Europe are correct, Audi, spurred by strong sales for the Q5 and Q7, is planning even more options in its high-riding SUV line-up.

At the smaller end of the scale, and perhaps least surprising, is a report by Automobile Magazine that the successful A1 'entry-level luxury' hatch will be developed into a new variant.

Three options for the new A1-based model are reportedly under consideration, including a high-riding version of the five-door A1 Sportback Concept revealed in 2008.

Other potential A1 developments could include an all-new compact crossover built on a version of the company's modular 'MQB' platform, and a Q1-badged model based instead on the reported A2.

Audi is also believed to be investigating options for a Q5 (and Porsche Cajun) based sports-styled SUV, inspired by the likes of the ultra-sporty three-door Range Rover Evoque.

On the topic of more performance-focused styling, reports claim that Audi is considering a BMW X6-rivalling Q6, with a similar swooping roofline and high-riding coupe-like dimensions.

The earliest any of these potential new Audis is expected to is sometime around 2016: more than enough time for these attention-grabbing overseas reports to be forgotten.

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