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Kez Casey | May, 04 2016 | 0 Comments

April’s new car sales figures prove once again that previously stable and predictable sales charts are now a thing of the past.

And it’s in the middle of the field that things are most volatile. Ford has now sneaked into fourth place above Holden - the first time the blue oval has claimed a victory over Holden since September 1997.

Ford’s shining light is the Ranger, with almost half of Ford’s sales attributed to the ute range.

Somewhat surprisingly the Mustang is Ford’s next-best seller, however the gains provided by the sports car range are likely to be short lived, with demand expected to taper off quickly once initial demand is met.

At the very top it’s smooth sailing, with the top selling car and brand both unchanged for April in comparison to March.

This month Australia’s top selling car, the Hyundai i30 with 4143 sales beat the ever-popular Toyota HiLux which finished second on 3384 sales, and the Ford Ranger with a third place finish and 2973 sales.

That’s a similar result to last month’s, with the i30 and HiLux also finishing one-two in March. Year to date though, the HiLux still holds the title of Australia’s most popular car.

The Toyota Corolla (2959 sales) and Mazda3 (2512 sales) sit in fourth and fifth, while in sixth place the Holden Commodore on 1908 sales is the only Aussie car to crack the top ten.

Toyota claims that sixth-place position is theirs, owing to combined LandCruiser 200 SUV and LandCruiser 70 Series ute, wagon, and troop carrier sales.

Neither the Landcruiser LC200 on 1225 sales (up 77 percent) and the LC70 with 757 sales (up 20 percent) tallied enough to make the top ten on their own however.

The Volkswagen Golf (1811), Mazda CX-5 (1675) and CX-3 (1604), and the repositioned Hyundai Accent (1555) round out the top ten.

Look at the results by brand instead of model, and that’s where the real shake-up occurs. Of course Toyota sits atop the leaderboard, with 16,567 sales for April, a long way clear of second-placed Hyundai on 8643 sales, itself just ahead of Mazda’s 8461 sales in third place.

Ford has clawed back market share to grab fourth place with 6842 sales, and in the process has overtaken Holden, which drops to fifth position with 6710 sales.

Those figures represent a 32.5 percent increase over last month for Ford, helped by small boosts in Focus, Kuga, and Mondeo sales. Ford’s new halo car, the Mustang also finished strongly, with 690 sales, making it Ford’s second-highest seller behind the Ranger.

Holden’s figures declined by 5.1 percent, with a drop in top-selling Commodore sales, as well as slumping Colorado, Barina, and Cruze figures offset by gains from the recently updated Captiva, and all-new Spark.

Further down the list Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Nissan hold the next three spots, while Mercedes-Benz squeezed into ninth place, thanks largely to a leg-up from GLC sales. Subaru rounds out the top ten.

All up, April 2016 saw 87,571 new cars delivered, representing a 7.2 percent boost compared to the same month last year, however the traditionally quiet Easter weekend feel in March this year, skewing figures slightly.

Year-to-date the total sales pool is up 3.8 percent compared to last year meaning that 2016 is shaping up to be yet another record year for new car sales. That of course may depend upon whether buyers get the traditional pre-election sales jitters (for an election that is yet to be announced), and put the brakes on.

SUV sales continue to gain pace, up by 7.1 percent compared to last April, passenger cars also climbed 4.7 percent, but Australia’s demand for light commercials grew by a whopping 14.1 percent, or an extra 2052 vehicle sales.

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Top 10 Selling Brands - April 2016

  1. Toyota - 16,567 (up 8.3 percent)
  2. Hyundai - 8643 (up 19.9 percent)
  3. Mazda - 8461 (up 4.9 percent)
  4. Ford - 6842 (up 32.5 percent)
  5. Holden - 6710 (down 5.1 percent)
  6. Volkswagen - 4732 (up 3.5 percent)
  7. Mitsubishi - 4178 (up 2.5 percent)
  8. Nissan - 4044 (down 3.4 percent)
  9. Mercedes-Benz - 3303 (up 24.5 percent)
  10. Subaru - 3156 (up 3.4 percent)

Top 10 Selling Models - April 2016

  1. Hyundai i30 - 4143 (12,657 sales year to date)
  2. Toyota HiLux - 3384 (12,883)
  3. Ford Ranger - 2973 (11,006)
  4. Toyota Corolla - 2959 (12,784)
  5. Mazda3 - 2512 (12,733)
  6. Holden Commodore - 1908 (8040)
  7. Volkswagen Golf - 1905 (7054)
  8. Mazda CX-5 - 1675 (7833)
  9. Mazda CX-3 - 1604 (6131)
  10. Hyundai Accent - 1555 (5334)
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