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Volvo’s chassis engineering team has admitted it is open to the idea of working Lotus on future Volvo models now that the two companies are owned by Chinese automaker, Geely

With Lotus having undertaken engineering consultancy work for other automakers in the past, the sportscar maker’s suspension tuning expertise has long been sought by other brands, both for performance set-ups as well as comfort-oriented models.

2016 Lotus Evora 410
2016 Lotus Evora 410

Once full details of Geely’s Proton-Lotus ownership are settled, Lotus is likely to become an active part of Volvo's development process as engineers work on models ranging from small hatchbacks to large executive sedans and SUVs as well as performance models from Volvo’s Polestar division.

Roger Wallgren, lead engineer of vehicle dynamics for the new XC60, told TMR that the expertise offered by Lotus "would be appreciated".

"I don't see any problem using their knowledge. I think it is pretty applicable all over the board.”

"You need to have a dialogue - you can exchange knowledge back and forth."

While Lotus’ eventual position within the existing Geely structure is yet to be officially revealed, Wallgren described Geely as having "a lot of ambition" for future models, including further investment in its Polestar performance brand.

"Polestar is a brand that's going to be used - we are not going to let it sit there and do nothing," he explained. "Sooner or later you will probably see something."

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