Volvo V40 Polestar Could Get XC90?s Turbo Four To Rival Focus RS Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jul, 09 2014 | 0 Comments

Rumours of a Polestar-tuned hero in Volvo’s V40 hatch range persist, and it’s no surprise.

While the existing T5 model already offers a mighty 187kW, the debut last year of Volvo’s S60 Polestar immediately had fans clamouring for an even bolder V40.

Earlier reports even suggested that a V40 Polestar would launch in 2013, but the hoped-for hero has yet to materialise.

However, news this week of the new XC90’s turbo- and supercharged 235kW four - found in the coming ‘T8 Twin Engine’ model - has kicked the rumour mill into overdrive.

According to the UK’s Auto Express, Volvo insiders have already confirmed that the engine’s potential for providing Polestar-prepped propulsion in the V40 hatch is under consideration.

Combined with the necessary chassis enhancements, a 235kW V40 Polestar would be aimed right at Ford’s anticipated Focus RS hatch - not to mention Audi’s 221kW S3 and BMW’s 235kW M135i.

It wouldn’t be enough to match Mercedes’ 265kW A 45 AMG hatch, but add in the XC90’s 60kW electric motor - which would also add all-wheel-drive to the V40’s credentials - and the battle would be properly on.

Of course, the XC90’s petrol-electric layout is thanks just as much to the presence of Volvo’s new Scalable Platform Architecture, so it remains to be seen if the V40’s Ford-derived platform could accommodate the combined powertrain.

But even without the additional power, Volvo may still look to the added traction of all-wheel-drive by utilising the Haldex system that already features in the jacked-up V40 Cross Country.

If the idea of a V40 Polestar is indeed being explored, Volvo will already be considering the benefit of traction against the added weight and cost.

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