Volvo Pedestrian Detection System To Add Night Vision And Animal Detection Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Jul, 05 2013 | 0 Comments

Volvo’s Pedestrian Detection System is about to become smarter, with the Swedish carmaker currently developing two new additions to the system.

The system can already detect pedestrians and apply braking if necessary, but soon it will also be able to perform this task in the dark, using a combination of a windscreen mounted camera and a grille mounted radar.

Volvo claims that pedestrian fatalities could fall by up to 42 percent if the technology was fitted to every car.

Avoiding pedestrians might be considered an easy challenge compared with the recently introduced cyclist detection improvement, but Volvo wants to go one better with a sophisticated animal detection system.

So far, testing has concentrated on livestock and moose avoidance, but Australians can expect to see Volvo on home soil very soon, testing the system against the ultimate challenge; kangaroos.

Volvo has concentrated on large animals that pose a risk to human safety and, sadly, avoiding dogs and cats will not be a feature of the new technology.

Initially, the system will be trialled using computer simulation but eventually Volvo plans to test it in a real-world kangaroo environment.

The system won’t necessarily be able to avoid a kangaroo, but Volvo says it can react almost three times faster than a human which should significantly reduce any impact.

Expect to see Pedestrian Detection In Darkness and the animal avoidance system rolled out through the Volvo range in the next few years, including the all new XC90 due here next year.

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