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Trevor Collett | Nov, 09 2015 | 2 Comments

It is unconfirmed, but Volkswagen USA is reported to be about to introduce a “TDI Goodwill” program, which will see monetary rewards for customers in order to smooth over relations following the ‘dieselgate’ emissions saga.

The Truth About Cars (TTAC) claims the reward is to take the shape of two prepaid debit cards or similar, loaded up with between US$500 and US$750 (AU$709 and $1064) in value and offered to customers with the offending diesel-powered engines in their cars.

The first US$500 card is essentially a gift, and can be spent anywhere the debit card is accepted.

Volkswagen would reportedly limit the use of the second card to its own dealer network, but the prepaid amount could be anywhere from US$500 to US$750.

It would appear that Volkswagen's US dealer network may be the source of information behind this unconfirmed breaking news.

TTAC claims that the dealer network was informed of the goodwill program last week, in preparation for its announcement this week.

Owners may need to register via a Volkswagen website in order to claim the rewards, and only owners affected by the dieselgate saga will be eligible.

Furthermore, Volkswagen USA is reportedly considering a subsidised trade-in program to allow dealers to offer inflated trade values for owners with the offending TDI vehicles.

Owners would therefore be in a much better position to trade their Volkswagens for newer models.

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