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Tony O'Kane | Jan, 02 2015 | 9 Comments

A total of 248 people died in road accidents in Victoria last year, five more than were killed in 2013. According to Victoria Police, it's the first time the Victorian road toll has risen since 2005.

However it's still a far cry from 2005's road toll of 346, and 2014 was notable for a 30 percent reduction in the number of motorcyclists killed (30 compared to 2013's 41).

The number of motorists aged 80+ also dropped, falling from 32 to 22.

It was a bad year for pedestrian fatalities though; 44 were killed compared to 36 the previous year, representing a 20 percent increase.

Multiple-fatality crashes were also another statistic that grew in 2014, with three triple-fatality collisions and two quadruple-fatality collisions recorded.

That contrasts starkly with 2013, where no triple or quadruple-fatality collisions occurred in Victoria.

“Every person killed on our roads this year has friends and family who are grieving and sadly there is nothing I can say or do that can take their pain away,” said Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill.

“There is a lot more work to do before we reach the target of zero deaths and zero serious injuries on our roads but I’m very confident that we are on the right track.

“In the last decade the road toll has dropped from 346 to 248 despite a growing population and increased numbers of people using the roads.

“I thank the vast majority of Victorians who drive within the speed limit, don’t drink or take drugs and drive, use a seat belt, take breaks on long trips and aren’t tempted to use their mobile phone behind the wheel.”

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