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Mike Stevens | Jun, 24 2015 | 10 Comments

Victorian motorists have another new style of number plate to choose from, this time targeted at fans of Japanese cars.

The new plates, styled after the tall green-on-white number plates seen on privately owned consumer cars in Japan, became available to Victorians today.

Two styles are available: the first features the Japanese ‘Kanji’ characters for “car” and “Japan” (or rather, Nihon) to the left and top of the plate, while the other style features the ‘Katakana’ for “Victoria” (bi ku to ri a).

Although there is a clear inspiration in the design of these plates, neither is quite identical to a traditional Japanese plate.

Both instead feature the standard VicRoads font for the registration combination, while applying a vintage brush-style calligraphic effect to the Japanese script.

Above: an authentic Japanese number plate.
Above: an authentic Japanese number plate.

Like most personalised plate options in Victoria, these new ones don’t come cheap, listed at $495 for a pair of new plates. Re-styling your existing registration is more affordable, however, at $195.

Enthusiasts with club plates will have to register a new set, with the Club Registration scheme’s combination range not compatible with the new Japanese plates.

Available combinations for the Japanese plates include:


AAA.0 to ZZZZ.9
AAA.00 to ZZZ.99
0.AAA to 9.ZZZ
0.AAAA to 9.ZZZZ
00.AAA to 99.ZZZ

Personalised (2x3)

AA.000 to ZZ.999

Enthusiasts in New South Wales will also soon have the option of a Japanese-style plate, with MyPlates today confirming that a new range is on the way.

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