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Trevor Collett | May, 04 2017 | 0 Comments

Light commercial vehicles was the only segment to see sales growth in a sluggish April that saw sales fall 5.1 percent over the same month last year.

Easter may have contributed to the result, as Easter occurred in March last year, but the long weekend cannot explain a 2.8 percent dip in overall sales year-to-date.

VFACTS reveals Toyota’s evergreen HiLux has established itself as the yardstick for 2017, heading the charts again last month with 3430 sales.

Ford’s Ranger also backed up its efforts from March with a second-place tally of 3120 units. Toyota’s Corolla was next on 2555 sales, but the Ranger overtook the Corolla for 2017 sales last month, now leading by 54 units.

A mostly-familiar top-ten follows the podium places with the Mazda3 fourth on 2313 sales, and on the eve of a new model, Hyundai’s i30 was sixth with 1979 sales. Toyota’s Camry was seventh with 1885 sales.

The top-selling SUV last month was Mazda’s CX-5 on 2166 sales (fifth overall), while Hyundai’s Tucson continued its strong run for 2017 as the tenth best-selling car on 1530 sales.

The surprises came in eighth and ninth place, as Holden’s Colorado seemingly displaced usual top-ten runner, the Mitsubishi Triton, for the honour of third best-selling pickup in April.

Toyota’s LandCruiser pickup may have only found 597 new homes, but combined sales with the LandCruiser wagon sees the LandCruiser in ninth place for April on 1629 sales.

Besides the Triton, the other usual missing from the top-ten last month was the Holden Commodore.

A total of 1441 sales was a significant dip from Commodore’s 2081 sales in March, suggesting sales may have slowed as the large car (as we know it) gradually winds down to retirement. But adding the 241 Holden Utility sales to the tally would have seen the Commodore in ninth on 1682 units.

And Commodore’s old sparring partner, the Ford Falcon? A handful remains, with seven sedan stragglers and 11 utes finding new homes last month.

All of the heavy lifting for the commercial vehicle market’s success in April came from 4WD sales, with the segment up 11.1 percent on April last year and up 5.2 percent YTD.

In comparison, the 2WD pickup field was down 13.4 and 10.3 percent respectively, and even the booming SUV market eased 1.3 percent on the same month last year.

Passenger car sales in all segments took a much bigger hit, with the 0.2 percent drop in medium car sales being the softest fall.

In fact, the medium car class under $60,000 was up 5.6 percent on April last year with comparatively strong results from the Camry, Ford’s Mondeo and Skoda’s Octavia. Above $60,000, the segment was 9.8 percent behind its April 2016 tally.

Overall, Toyota continues to dominate with another 16,090 sales last month and in a flailing market, the Japanese carmaker would likely be pleased with a 2.4 percent boost in sales YTD and four models in the top-ten.

Mazda is a distant second, and even after just four months, it seems Hyundai will be tough to beat for third place in 2017.

Holden and Ford were separated by just two sales last month, and the pair is currently down on 2016 sales by 11.3 and 4.9 percent respectively.

Although Kia remains ninth overall for 2017, a 35.1 percent jump in sales YTD over the same time last year saw the carmaker as April’s seventh best-selling brand.

Kia swapped places with Nissan, which fell from seventh in March to tenth last month on 3350 sales - 38 units ahead of best-of-the rest, Mercedes-Benz.

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Top 10 Selling Brands - April 2017

  1. Toyota - 16,090 (up 2.4 percent YTD)
  2. Mazda - 8630 (up 0.5 percent)
  3. Hyundai - 6850 (down 11.5 percent)
  4. Holden - 5804 (down 11.3 percent)
  5. Ford - 5802 (down 4.9 percent)
  6. Mitsubishi - 5470 (up 6.7 percent)
  7. Kia - 4120 (up 35.1 percent)
  8. Volkswagen - 3867 (down 8.8 percent)
  9. Subaru - 3854 (up 11.3 percent)
  10. Nissan - 3350 (down 14 percent)

Top 10 Selling Models - April 2017

  1. Toyota HiLux - 3430 (13,763 sales YTD)
  2. Ford Ranger - 3120 (12,518)
  3. Toyota Corolla - 2555 (12,464)
  4. Mazda3 - 2313 (11,968)
  5. Mazda CX-5 - 2166 (8139)
  6. Hyundai i30 - 1979 (8383)
  7. Toyota Camry - 1885 (6274)
  8. Holden Colorado - 1824 (6490)
  9. Toyota LandCruiser - 1629 (6286)
  10. Hyundai Tucson - 1530 (6960)
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