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Tesla Supercharger And Destination Charger Networks Set For Mass Expansion Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Apr, 27 2017 | 1 Comment

Tesla has declared “charging is our priority” for 2017, announcing that owners will soon have access to more charging stations than ever.

The electric carmaker said it is gearing up for the arrival of the Model 3, and the knowledge that many more Teslas are about to hit the roads.

Tesla owners have already complained to company CEO Elon Musk about crowded Supercharging stations, where owners have previously left vehicles parked even after they are fully-charged.

These complaints prompted new rules from Tesla where ‘fines’ apply for those who treat Supercharging stations as parking lots, but the carmaker has this week acknowledged that more charging infrastructure is needed.

“Our mission [is] that charging is convenient, abundant, and reliable for all owners, current and future,” Tesla said.

“In 2017, we’ll be doubling the Tesla charging network, expanding existing sites so drivers never wait to charge, and broadening our charging locations within city centres.”

Tesla reminded customers that the home charging station (included in the price of a Model S or Model X) should remain the primary source of electric juice, but the needs of travellers will be better accommodated with the new infrastructure.

Currently, more than 5400 Supercharging stations are in operation around the world, with Australia currently home to 12 multi-vehicle Supercharger sites. But this number is ever-increasing, and Tesla Australia has recently expanded the network to better service the Sydney-to-Brisbane route and the Melbourne-to-Adelaide route.

The company also has 9000 Destination Chargers in place, and in Australia, some of these are located as far afield as Broken Hill, Broome and Bourke.

By the end of 2017, Tesla promises more than 10,000 Superchargers and more than 15,000 Destination Chargers around the world. In Australia, some of the new Supercharger locations include Cooma in NSW, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Horsham in Victoria and Bunbury in Western Australia.

Some of the larger sites overseas will have “several dozen” Superchargers at the one location.

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