Tesla Australia: Superchargers Covering Brisbane To Melbourne By 2017 Photo:
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Trevor Collett | Dec, 09 2014 | 8 Comments

Tesla Australia’s Heath Walker has declared “we’re not mucking about”, as the carmaker revealed plans to fast-track a supercharging network across Australia’s east coast.

The Sydney to Melbourne route via Canberra will be covered by the end of next year, with superchargers placed roughly 200km apart.

A year later, the fast-chargers will stretch all the way to Brisbane; again, roughly 200km apart.

The first two superchargers are already in place, with both located in Sydney.

Tesla’s first - and at this stage only - ‘store’ in the North Sydney suburb of St Leonards is one of the locations (naturally), while the other will be at The Star.

The Star is known as ‘the casino’ to many out-of-towners, and now Tesla customers will be able to park there for free and utilise its supercharging facilities.

Tesla’s supercharging network is a key part of its electric vehicle ownership strategy, providing free energy to its customers for the life of their cars.

A 20-minute fast charge will achieve around 50 percent of the battery’s range, while the car can be fully recharged using the facility in around an hour if owners don’t mind the extended wait.

The 200km waypoints ensure that all Model S customers can confidently drive the east coast highway route, knowing their car will make it to the next supercharger.

The entry-level Model S 60 has a maximum range of 390km, rising to 522km for the P85 with the optional Performance Pack ($7900).

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