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Malcolm Flynn | Feb, 05 2013 | 0 Comments

Super Bowl XLVII was won by the Baltimore Ravens, defeating the San Francisco 49ers 34 points to 31.

Now, that's the 'Big Game' guff out of the way, so let's move onto the important part: all those car ads.

The annual tradition of big-budget Super Bowl ads has grown to rival the game itself, and we revheads can give thanks that carmakers feature heavily.

For 2013, brands vying for the affections of the game's 100 million viewers included Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Audi, Toyota, Kia, Lincoln, Ram Trucks, and Jeep.

We’ve detailed our top three picks, and you can see the rest of this year’s collection below.


Volkswagen: 2013 Beetle Get In. Get Happy.

Featuring the 2013 Beetle (launching locally this month), VW's feel-good ad suggests that the re-booted classic model, and “the power of German engineering” can turn a dreary Monday office environment into a cheery oasis.

The Beetle ad was previewed by Volkswagen’s ‘Get Happy’ preview ad last month, where Jamaican entertainer Jimmy Cliff gathers several stars of YouTube viral videos to sing the ‘C'mon Get Happy’ themesong to 70’s TV classic The Partrige Family in chorus.


Mercedes-Benz: Kate Upton & The New CLA

Mercedes-Benz showed two different ads during the Super Bowl, both featuring the new 2013 CLA small sedan and swimsuit model Kate Upton.

The first shows Ms Upton - in slow-motion - supervising the CLA being washed by a team of football players, wearing an outfit that subtly highlights her credentials as a swimsuit model.

Mercedes’ second ad features a young prospective CLA owner cajoled by the Devil - played by actor Willem Dafoe - into a soul-selling deal.

For the buyer's eternal soul, the Devil offers not only the CLA, but also the attentions of Kate Upton, a performance with R&B star Usher, lapping an oval circuit with a Mercedes F1 car, and rockstar appeal to the fairer sex.

Backed by the Rolling Stones’ hit ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, the prospective CLA owner backs out of the deal upon seeing the CLA’s US starting price of US$29,900 - realising he can keep his soul and afford the CLA experience himself.


Hyundai: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe "Team" & More

Hyundai featured five different ads, showcasing a trio of US-market models: the long-wheelbase 2013 Santa Fe SUV, the Sonata (i45) Turbo and the V8-powered Genesis R-Spec sedan.

Three of the videos feature the Santa Fe, under the titles “Team”, “Don’t Tell”, and “Epic Playdate”, delivering a message that the new SUV is a handy entertainment, adventure, and bully retaliation tool for the whole family.

What we know as the outgoing i45 sedan is still badged Sonata in the US, and they get a 204kW 2.0 litre Turbo variant that was featured in this year's Super Bowl lineup in an ad entitled “Stuck”.

Overtaking undesireable smells, sights, and hazards on the highway, the video whets our appetite for this engine’s availability in the local lineup in future.

The “Excited” ad for the Genesis R-Spec sedan is not quite as clever as the Santa Fe or Sonata offerings, but seeing the Genesis sedan thrashed around a racetrack has reaffirmed our desire for a right-hand drive version of Hyundai’s 320kW 5.0 litre V8, rear-wheel drive luxury sedan.

(Catch the video "Team" below, and the other four at the bottom of this article.)

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