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Carmakers Come Out For 2015 Superbowl Advertising Circus: Video

Another year, another NFL Superbowl opportunity for brands to capitalise on the attention of millions of rapt viewers in one sitting.

2016 Nissan Maxima Revealed: Video

Nissan has offered fans a first look at its next-generation Maxima sedan in a stirring commercial aired during today’s NFL Superbowl game.

The 2014 Super Bowl Ad Roundup: Video

The 2014 NFL Super Bowl is upon us, which means only one thing for Gridiron fans around the world; excellent television commercials.

The Week That Was: New Mazda3 Reviewed; V-Class, 4 Series GC Revealed

Mazda’s all-new Mazda3 finally arrived in Australian showrooms this week, with six variants available from launch.

Super Bowl Video Ads 2013: Get Happy, Here's Kate Upton

Super Bowl XLVII was won by the Baltimore Ravens, defeating the San Francisco 49ers 34 points to 31.

Superbowl Ads: Cadillac, Hyundai, Toyota, Hyundai... And Ferris Bueller?

The NFL Superbowl is mere days away, but for those that couldn't possibly care less about American football, there's still one good reas...

Superbowl: Audi Vamps It Up While Suzuki Gets Friendly With Huskies

A new pair of TV commercials for next month's Superbowl halftime show have landed online today, with Suzuki's Kizashi replacing the husk...

Lexus Teases Superbowl Commercial, Nine New Models Planned

Lexus has released a brief glimpse of its first-ever NFL Superbowl television commercial, accompanied by the slogan "the next generation of...

General Motors Planning To Cut US$800m From North American Advertising Budget

If Optimus Prime was looking to General Motors to fund his GM-heavy Autobot army in the upcoming Transformers sequel, he’s got another think com...

Video: 2009 Supercharged A6 Superbowl Commercial ‘Chase’ – The Full Version

Late last week, we brought you the thirty second teaser of Audi’s Superbowl commercial for the supercharged A6, starring The Transporter. ...

Video: 2009 Audi Supercharged A6 Superbowl Commercial 'Chase' - The Short Version

While we’ll still need to wait until Sunday (or the early hours of Monday morning for us Aussies) for Audi’s Superbowl commercial, we can catc...

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Epic Lap Commercial For The 2009 Superbowl

While we wait for word on whether we can expect to see the Genesis Coupe in Australian showrooms, Hyundai’s US arm is gearing up for the car...

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Images From Superbowl Commercial

The good people over at GenesisForums were the lucky recipients of some official screengrabs of the upcoming Hyundai Genesis Coupe commercial, to ...

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2015 Superbowl - Dodge

2015 Superbowl - Dodge POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Fiat 500X

2015 Superbowl - Fiat 500X POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - NASCAR

2015 Superbowl - NASCAR POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Furious 7

2015 Superbowl - Furious 7 POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Toyota Camry

2015 Superbowl - Toyota Camry POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Volvo XC60

2015 Superbowl - Volvo XC60 POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Hyundai Genesis

2015 Superbowl - Hyundai Genesis POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Jeep Renegade

2015 Superbowl - Jeep Renegade POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Lexus RC

2015 Superbowl - Lexus RC POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015

2015 Superbowl - Mercedes-AMG GT

2015 Superbowl - Mercedes-AMG GT POSTED TUE, 3 FEB, 2015