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Mike Stevens | Nov, 25 2014 | 3 Comments

You’ve heard this one: “Well, you’re running low on headlight fluid and the second reverse gear is shot…”

It’s a gag you might have tried on an unwitting mate, male and female: there are a lot out there who don't know the first thing about the car they drive.

And, for many, that ignorance, and the fear of being taken for a ride by their mechanic - or simply feeling confused by a legitimate laundry list of necessary works - is a genuine concern.

This week, South Australia’s RAA motoring club and insurer has launched a new ‘OurCar’ customer program designed to help motorists flummoxed by their mechanic’s quote for service and maintenance.

“Vehicle maintenance for people who don’t understand anything about how a car works can be very daunting,” the insurer says.

“More than a third (39 percent) of our members also said they’ve been worried they might have received incorrect advice from a mechanic.”

The new program allows mechanics to call RAA directly, explaining the needed works so that the insurer can ‘translate’ the details to their member and offer assurance that the workshop or dealer’s quote is genuine.

“We’re simply acting as a go-between for our members who don’t feel confident managing the maintenance of their vehicle to provide them with some peace of mind,” RAA’s Mark Borlace said.

OurCar is currently in a ‘pilot program’ phase and is free for RAA members to join.

Motorists in other states should get in touch with their relevant group to see what’s on offer.

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