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Renault To Reveal Luxury Clio Initiale Paris In September: Report Photo:
2013_renault_clio_overseas_25 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_17.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_09 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_01.jpg Photo: tmr
peugeot_208_xy_concept_geneva_motor_show_03 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_31 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_14 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_06.jpg Photo: tmr
peugeot_208_xy_concept_geneva_motor_show_04 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_21 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_08 Photo: tmr
peugeot_208_xy_concept_geneva_motor_show_01 Photo: tmr
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2010_citroen_ds3_production_10.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_05 Photo: tmr
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peugeot_208_xy_concept_geneva_motor_show_02 Photo: tmr
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2013 Renault Clio - Overseas Photo:
2010_citroen_ds3_production_25.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_15 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_09.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_04 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_14.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_03 Photo: tmr
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2010_citroen_ds3_production_30.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_23 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_28 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_19.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_11a Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_03.jpg Photo: tmr
peugeot_208_xy_concept_geneva_motor_show_07 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_40.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_33 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_24.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_16 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_08.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_13.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_10 Photo: tmr
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2010_citroen_ds3_production_29.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_22 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_26 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_18.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_13 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_02.jpg Photo: tmr
peugeot_208_xy_concept_geneva_motor_show_05 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_32 Photo: tmr
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2013_renault_clio_overseas_17 Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_07.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_citroen_ds3_production_12.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
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2010_citroen_ds3_production_28.jpg Photo: tmr
2013_renault_clio_overseas_18 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Sep, 24 2012 | 1 Comment

Renault will reveal a preview of its luxury-focused Initiale Paris models at next month's Paris Motor Show, according to a new report out of Europe.

French newspaper La Tribune reports that the model to kick off the new trim-grade will also be the brand's newest offering: the 2013 Clio light car.

A leather-clad and feature-rich Clio Initiale Paris would give Renault a rival for the upcoming Peugeot 208 XY variant, and Citroen's DS3, a re-styled and up-spec cousin to the regular C3 hatch.

Speaking with the French paper, Renault COO Carlos Tavares is quoted as confirming that the brand is preparing to launch the Initiale Paris line-up, but did not offer any hints on timing.

"We've already got a team of designers and engineers working on launching the Initiale Paris brand," Tavares said. "We're shooting for Volvo, not Mercedes-Benz and BMW."

Above: Peugeot's 208 XY concept is headed for production." class="small img-responsive"/>
Above: Peugeot's 208 XY concept is headed for production.

The ‘Initiale’ moniker has been applied to several top-end Renault models in the past, including a 1995 concept luxury sedan.

It is unclear whether the brand would be treated as a separate brand - such as Nissan's Infiniti line - or as an extension of the Renault brand, similar to Citroen’s DS line.

Tavares reportedly added that the rebirth of the Alpine sports marque, previewed by the recent A110-50 concept, is on track for a 2015 or 2016 launch.

As for the regular Clio, Australian buyers can look forward to their first taste of the new hatch in mid-2013.

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