Renault Teases Souped-up Dacia Sandero RS For Russia, Brazil Photo:
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2014 Dacia Sandero - Overseas Photo:
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2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_07 Photo: tmr
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2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_12_display_03 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_01_sport_03 Photo: tmr
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2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_03 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_07 Photo: tmr
2014_dacia_sandero_02 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_06 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_11 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_12_display_02 Photo: tmr
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2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_01 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_12_display_08 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_01_sport_08 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_05 Photo: tmr
2014_dacia_sandero_01 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_05 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_08 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_01_sport_02 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_10 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_09 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_12_display_06 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_01_sport_09 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_04 Photo: tmr
2014_dacia_sandero_05 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_04 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_02_cup_12_display_01 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_01_sport_05 Photo: tmr
2014_renault_clio_rs_03_track_photos_09 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Apr, 28 2015 | 0 Comments

Renault is preparing a hotter Renaultsport-tuned version of the Sandero hatch sold under its budget ‘Dacia’ brand in Europe and other markets.

But, unlike the regular Sandero, the Sandero RS won’t be offered in Europe. Instead, the new special will be used to build the Renaultsport brand’s image in emerging markets like Brazil and Russia.

The latter is also the reason this new teaser, released today, reveals the Renault diamond in place of the usual Dacia badge: although the Sandero is available in Russia, the Dacia brand is not. So, there, it is the Renault Sandero.

Above: the Sandero in its regular Dacia form.
Above: the Sandero in its regular Dacia form.

As with Russia’s regular Sandero, the RS model will wear the familiar Renault grille, along with a bumper design inspired by the smaller Clio RS hatch.

Technical details for the new hot - or likely ‘warm’ - hatch, although Renaultsport boss Patrice Ratti revealed at last year’s Moscow motor show that with the Sandero actually weighing less than the Clio, big power would not be necessary.

In its regular form, the Sandero’s most powerful engine in Russia is a 75kW 1.6 litre engine, while the hero Clio RS we get in Australia is nearly twice as powerful with 147kW on offer.

The Sandero RS should also benefit from sports-tuned springs and dampers, although a limited budget will likely see it miss out on the dual-clutch auto offered with the Clio flagship.

We won’t see the Sandero RS in Australia, but Renaultsport has confirmed it is preparing hot versions of the Captur crossover and the upcoming Kadjar - both of which could eventually make their way ‘down under’.

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