Queensland Motorists Ignoring School Speed Zones: Suncorp Photo:

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Mike Stevens | May, 02 2011 | 0 Comments

New research by Queensland insurer Suncorp shows that motorists are continuing to ignore restricted speed limits in the state's school zones.

Surveying 2818 motorists, the study found that one-in-ten Queensland drivers (nine percent) regularly speed through school zones.

Nearly one-third of respondents (31 percent) also admitted to speeding on the drive to and from work.

“With almost one-third of Queensland drivers admitting they speed during the hours that schools generally start and finish, and one-quarter believing exceeding the limit by anything up to 10km/h over is not speeding - it's unsettling for both the driver and very dangerous for pedestrians.” Suncorp Insurance Corporate Affairs Manager, Mike Sopinski said.

The report follows a recent blitz by Queensland Police on 40km/h and 50km/h zones in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which resulted in more than 3000 motorists nabbed by marked and covert cameras.

The cameras detected 71 vehicles out of 1000 (seven percent) speeding through 40km/h zones when the enforcement started in mid-December last year.

The study also showed that 11 percent of Queensland motorists admit to speeding "most of the time," and 66 percent said that they speed "some of the time."

“Most Queensland drivers (67 per cent) claim they are sometimes uncertain of the speed limit because they vary so much," Mr Sopinski said.

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