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Trevor Collett | Mar, 14 2014 | 4 Comments

On average, 107 Queensland motorists were caught driving without a licence every day since November last year, according to figures revealed this week.

According to Queensland Police, 12,379 drivers were caught while driving unlicensed or disqualified, or outside the bounds of a licence restriction, such as driving at night.

Queensland’s peak motoring group, the RACQ, responded to the figures, calling on the state government to review current ‘hoon’ legislation which covers unlicensed drivers.

“While it was encouraging to see a tougher stance on unlicensed driving, the number of motorists caught breaking these laws is alarming,” RACQ General Executive Manager, Paul Turner, said.

“These repeat offenders are often the most dangerous drivers on our roads and need to be kept off the roads for the safety of other motorists.”

Current hoon legislation in Queensland gives police the power to confiscate vehicles used in ‘Type 1’ incidents – such as burnouts, street racing and evading police – after two offences.

‘Type 2’ incidents include high-end speeding, high-range drink driving and unlicensed driving, but four offences must be committed under the current rules before police can seize a vehicle.

Mr Turner said the state government needed to consider earlier vehicle forfeiture for Type 2 offences to align them with Type 1 offences.

“Those who choose to continue to drive while unlicensed, disqualified or having a history of high-range drink driving would find it much harder to do so if their vehicle was taken away from them,” Mr Turner said.

The Queensland Police figures also revealed more than 4000 motorists were caught driving a car without registration or compulsory third party insurance during the same time frame.

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