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1924 TS Douglas Motorcycle Stolen From Queensland Restorer

SUN, 3 JUL, 2016

Queensland Police have appealed for public assistance following the theft of a very rare, restored historic motorcycle from Roma, central Queensland.

Queensland: 107 Drivers Caught Unlicensed Every Day

FRI, 14 MAR, 2014

On average, 107 Queensland motorists were caught driving without a licence every day since November last year, according to figures revealed t...

QLD Drink-drivers Facing Tougher Laws In New Year

TUE, 7 DEC, 2010

Queensland motorists flouting the state's drink-driving laws will soon face having their licences automatically suspended if caught driving ...

Queensland Getting A Hoon Hotline From December

MON, 29 NOV, 2010

The Queensland Government is stepping up its commitment to stamping out hoon behaviour, with a new 'hoon hotline' going into action next...

Queensland Adds Four More Covert Camera Cars To Growing Fleet

MON, 1 NOV, 2010

Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts has announced the addition of three new covert speed camera cars to its fleet, rolling out in southern, ...

Queensland Fixed Speed Cameras Changing Driver Behaviour

FRI, 20 AUG, 2010

Queensland's new fixed speed cameras have become a "powerful motivator" in changing driver behaviour for the better, according to ...

Queensland Speed Cameras To Go To Private Operators? New Plan Mooted

FRI, 13 AUG, 2010

The Queensland Government has proposed that operation of the state's speed camera vans be given over to private companies, freeing about 10,...

Speeding Motorists Could Soon Get Penalty Notifications Via SMS

MON, 9 AUG, 2010

Speeding motorists caught by fixed cameras in Queensland may soon find a penalty notice in their SMS inbox, if a recommendation made to the Quee...

Queensland Police Impound 20,000 Cars Over Eight Years Of Anti-Hoon Laws

MON, 14 JUN, 2010

New figures released by Queensland police this week show that 20,336 (as of May 10) of the 'sunshine state's' motorists have had the...

Queensland Police Catch 630 Drug-Drivers In Past Two Years

MON, 7 JUN, 2010

Since beginning a crack-down on drug-affected drivers two-and-a-half years ago, some 32,000 roadside drug tests have been conducted in Queensland.




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