New Suzuki Equator Pickup Rendered Photo:
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2015_nissan_navara_official_00a Photo: tmr
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Mike Stevens | Dec, 22 2014 | 0 Comments

Suzuki’s Equator pickup, not offered in Australia, had never been a particularly successful product for the Japanese carmaker.

Based on the D40 Navara, the Equator was built in the US alongside Nissan’s own pickup, known there as the Frontier.

But, while the Frontier pulls in around 5000 sales in the US each month, the Equator managed an average of 150 per month in 2012 - the year that Suzuki pulled its automotive arm from North America after 30 years of business there.

Could the Equator return? Likely not to the US market, but a new Suzuki pickup could potentially do good business in Asia and here in Australia.

And, with an all-new Navara now revealed and on the way, a reborn Equator could see Suzuki’s partnership with Nissan continue in the same way that Fiat will soon offer a new pickup derived from Mitsubishi’s 2015 Triton.

(Likewise, Ford and Mazda partnered on their Ranger and BT-50 pickups, while GM and Isuzu developed their Colorado and D-Max pickups together.)

This new rendering, conceived by independent artist Theophilus Chin, sees the face of Suzuki’s 2015 Vitara SUV grafted onto the front of Nissan’s Navara.

Works well, we’d say. Looks the part.

Could it happen, though? Neither brand is likely to confirm any such plans at this stage, and Suzuki has already outlined its new-model plan for the next five years.

Still, an offering in the hugely popular pickup market could go a long way to boosting sales and profit for Suzuki. Watch this space.

As for the new Navara, watch for that one to hit Australia early in the new year. AND, read Tim's Thailand review here.

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