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Kez Casey | Sep, 26 2017 | 0 Comments

The classic sports car formula isn’t set for retirement just yet according to Jaguar design director, Ian Callum, who suggested that, despite moderate sales, the brand’s F-Type range would have a successor.

Speaking with Automotive News in the US, Callum declared: "We are going to do another range of sports cars eventually," though didn’t give a timeline as to when the next-generation F-Type might appear.

In line with the Jaguar Land Rover group’s recent announcement that every new vehicle from the company will feature some form of electrification from 2020, JLR’s North American CEO Joe Eberhardt confirmed that the F-Type will also be in line for electric assistance in the future.

Although unclear on the level of electrification earmarked for the next F-Type, Eberhardt reiterated that a full spectrum of mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric vehicles were under development across the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

Any future F-Type replacement would likely move to the latest generation aluminium architecture used by the group putting the current F-Type structure, first developed for the Jaguar XK in 2005, to rest and allowing easier integration of required electric drivetrain components.

With only 45,000 F-Type coupes and convertibles sold around the word since the sports car range made its debut in 2013 Jaguar could have cause to withdraw plans for a second-generation model, but Callum was firm about the range's place within the company going forward.

“There is something very emotional about a sports car that conveys the ultimate in the sense of performance and design." He said, dashing suggestions that as SUVs continue to offer improving performance and handling they might push sports cars out.

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