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Trevor Collett | Jul, 01 2016 | 1 Comment

Mitsubishi has announced a mass rollout of recalls in Australia this week, which affects numerous models and almost 430,000 cars.

Among the models targeted are the Colt, Lancer, Outlander, Challenger, Pajero, Triton, and even the all-electric i-MiEV.

See below for a breakdown of the recall program.

2011MY Mitsubishi Colt

The Colt has been recalled due to a potential issue with the electronic power steering gearbox. A weakness may exist with the terminal connectors for the wiring harness, leading to a failure of the steering force torque sensor.

Should this occur, the power steering warning light may illuminate in the instrument cluster and the power steering unit may cease to operate. An increase in the effort required to steer the vehicle may cause a hazard to the vehicle occupants and other road-users.

A total of 1513 Colts are affected. The recall will involve replacement of the steering gear, taking around two hours.

2010MY and 2012MY Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Selected 2010MY and 2012MY i-MiEVs have been recalled due to a potential problem with the brake vacuum pump.

Mitsubishi says the pump exhaust may allow mud or sand to accumulate which could block the port, or corrosion may result if road salt is contained in the contaminants.

Either issue could reduce the effectiveness of the brake booster, leading to increased stopping distances.

A total of 237 i-MiEVs are affected. All will require the EV ECU to be reprogrammed (requiring 30 minutes), while 160 of the 237 will also require the brake vacuum pump to be replaced (requiring a further one hour).

In a separate recall, a further 37 2012MY i-MiEVs are targeted for voltage issues within the Motor Control Unit (MCU).

The issue may cause the vehicle to engage ‘limp home’ mode, restricting the motor’s power output and preventing the battery from being charged. Also, the vehicle may not restart.

The recall will see the MCU replaced, requiring around 1.5 hours.

2009-10MY Lancer, Lancer Sportback and Outlander

The third recall targets the trio of models listed above, due to a potential problem with the Electronic Time and Alarm Control System (ETACS).

The voltage of the ETACS may be unstable due to anomalies during the manufacturing process, which may lead to a failure of the headlights or windscreen wipers.

As part of the recall, vehicles will be inspected and those found to contain an ETACS ECU with a component date of between September 2008 and August 2010 will have the unit replaced - taking around one hour.

A total of 44,585 vehicles are targeted with this recall, including 11,832 Outlanders, 10,424 Lancer Sportbacks and 22,329 Lancers.

2016MY Mitsubishi Outlander

A smaller recall sees the 2016 Outlander SUV targeted for potential issues with the optional wiring harness to operate electric trailer brakes.

Due to a running change in the harness design, a total of 55 Outlanders in Australia will have the incorrect harness fitted.

This may mean trailer brakes do not function as they should, and the harness may also affect the operation of trailer tail lamps.

Around one hour will be required to rework the wiring harness on affected vehicles.

No Outlander PHEV models are affected.

2014MY Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 | 2014-15MY Lancer Evolution Ralliart

The performance hero Lancer Evo and Evo Ralliart models listed above have been recalled for a potential problem with the fuel tank.

A wayward park-brake cable may be allowed to make contact with the fuel tank, damaging the protective coating.

Should this occur, rust may penetrate the tank eventually leading to a fuel leak and the subsequent fire hazard.

The recall process will require 1.5 hours to replace the park-brake cable. Should the tank already be damaged, a further 1.5 hours will be required to replace it.

A total of 85 Lancer Evolutions are affected, along with 90 Ralliart models.

Mitsubishi PB And PC Challenger, GA and GB i-MiEV, CJ Lancer Sedan and Sportback, ZG and ZH Outlander, NS & NT & NW & NX Pajero, ML & MN Triton

The final recall is the largest - and affects well over 200,000 cars.

Models listed above may be subject to issues with the turn signal and lighting switch, which may suffer premature wear.

Repeated use may result in poor contact with electrical terminals, resulting in the switch failing to operate indicators, headlamps, tail lamps and fog lights as required by the driver.

The recall process to rectify the problem will take around 30 minutes.

Tallies for affected models are as follows:

  • PB, PC Challenger (target 11 846)
  • GA, GB i-MiEV (target 237)
  • CJ Lancer Sedan (target 92,954)
  • CJ Lancer Sportback (target 28,269)
  • ZG, ZH Outlander (target 46,262)
  • NS, NT, NW, NX Pajero (target 50,733)
  • ML, MN Triton 4x2 (target 43,616)
  • ML, MN Triton 4x4 Auto (target 35,786)
  • ML, MN Triton 4x4 Manual (target 73,676)

Mitsubishi Australia will attempt to contact affected owners shortly by mail, but any owner wishing to learn more about the latest round of recalls should contact their local dealer or phone Mitsubishi on 1300 131 211.

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