Mercedes-Benz Embarks On Trademark-Filing Frenzy In Preparation For EQ Sub-Brand Photo:

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Kez Casey | Aug, 12 2016 | 0 Comments

In preparation for the launch of a rush of electric and alternative-powertrain vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has been busy filing trademarks for those new vehicles.

The common thread is the inclusion of “EQ” in each of the applications, hinting that Mercedes-Benz could be looking to launch EQ as Benz’s green arm, in the same way BMW uses the i label for its green EV range.

Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to sub-branding either, with previous stand-alone division AMG and Maybach now rebranded as Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach. What this past-practice means is that "Mercedes-EQ" could sit as a sub-brand, and be the badge you see on production vehicles.

Among the trademark applications filed with the UK Intellectual Property Office from Benz are the names EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, and EQS, making potential EQ models analogous with Mercedes’ internal combustion lineup.

Other applications include EQD, EQF, EQR, EQX and EQZ which could represent new models not currently featured in the Mercedes-Benz range, or may simply be set aside to prevent other companies from using them.

Filings for CONCEPT EQ, CONCEPT MEQ, and GENERATION MEQ, are on the list as are EQ INSIDE and EQ BOOST, hinting at some of the possible technology branding groups Mercedes-Benz may use.

The company has also, in recent history, been busier than most in producing green concepts and in expanding its hybrid and electric range. It has shown the hydrogen fuel-cell F 015, and Vision Tokyo, and plug-in hybrid Concept IAA, while current production vehicles include plug-in versions of the C-Class, S-Class, and GLE-Class, and both the SLS and B-Class have been offered overseas as electric vehicles, under the e-cell name.

Previously Mercedes-Benz had been tipped to apply the EcoLuxe banner for its alternative powertrain vehicle range, but this latest round of trademark applications could hint at a new branding direction better suited to a combined autonomous and green push..

A new electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz is expected to take centre stage at the upcoming Paris Motor Show; you can likely expect a clearer picture of the brand's intentions by the end of the month.

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