Mazda Service Select Program Expanded Across Full Australian Range Photo:
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Trevor Collett | Jul, 24 2014 | 7 Comments

Mazda’s Service Select program in Australia has been expanded to cover every model in the Japanese brand’s local range.

The program first appeared with the all-new Mazda3 early this year, Mazda confirming at the time that it would expand the offer to more models over time.

That day has arrived, meaning all new Mazdas can now be serviced by their owners at intervals of 10,000km or not longer than 12 months.

Previously, Mazda’s service intervals were 10,000km or six months, meaning customers were required to service their cars a minimum of six times over three years.

A customer who only travels minimal kilometres in their car may now be subject to as few as three services in three years, and every Mazda scheduled service is covered by a capped-price program for the life of the car.

“We’ve had encouraging feedback from both customers and the dealer network since Mazda Service Select was introduced on all-new Mazda3 earlier this year,” Mazda Australia Managing Director, Martin Benders, said.

“With Service Select now available across the entire current model range, those customers can rest assured that servicing their vehicle will now be better aligned with their actual vehicle usage while also providing excellent value for money and ensuring your vehicle is maintained in peak condition.”

Service Select is based on the industry average of 15,000km per year in Australia, although Mr Benders said in January that many local Mazda customers are only averaging 13,000km annually.

The capped-price schedule is available on Mazda Australia’s website (website opens in new window).

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