Mike Stevens | Jan 20, 2014


Mazda's local arm will soon introduce a new 'Mazda Service Select' program designed to offer greater flexibility for owners over the lifetime of their Mazda vehicle.

In a press briefing today, Mazda Australia boss Martin Benders said the program - due on February 1 with the new Mazda3 range - will save many buyers from a locked schedule "that may not reflect their driving habits".

Setting the service apart from the fixed programs of other brands, Mazda Service Select will allow owners to service their car every 10,000km or no longer than 12 months, rather than the current schedule of every six months or 10,000km.

This means that owners covering fewer than 10,000km in a year need only schedule an annual 12-month service.

"Over time the average number of kilometres travelled by our customers has dropped from 15,000km five years ago to 13,000km today," Mr Benders said.

"That means a typical Mazda customer will only have to service their car every nine months or so, meaning just four rather than six trips to their dealer over three years."

Mr Benders said that the 10,000km point remains a key focus in the new program.

"The vast majority of our customers are private buyers. They have told us and continue to tell us that they think the 10,000km interval provides a regular safety and tech check of their vehicle, ensuring both its longevity and stronger resale value."

He added that consultation with the company's national dealer network played a major role in developing the new program, drawing on feedback from buyers.

Pricing for the program, which will be revealed in greater detail next month, will also offer clarity on the cost of ownership over the lifetime of a Mazda vehicle.

Mr Benders said that while customer feedback has not shown service costs to be a deciding factor for new buyers, the Mazda Service Select program would likely contribute to the brand's position as a leader for customer satisfaction.

Existing owners will also have the opportunity to utilise the new Service Select program by consulting their dealer on options for 'switching' to a more flexible program.

Full pricing details are still to come, but Mr Benders told TMR today that customers should not expect prices to increase beyond the brand's current service costs.

The new maintenance platform will launch with the 2014 Mazda3 range next month, and other models in the Mazda range will be rolled into the new program before the end of June.

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