Mazda Details Safety In New 6 Photo:
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Peter Anderson | Sep, 24 2012 | 2 Comments

Mazda has revealed new details for its upcoming 6 mid-sizer, outlining the family car's advanced safety features.

Dubbed 'i-ACTIVESENSE', the technology is based on the use of radars and cameras to avoid or reduce the severity of accidents.

To reduce what Mazda calls "the burden on the driver when driving on highways" Radar Cruise Control pings the car ahead and maintains a safe distance behind.

This is especially useful on urban freeways where the traffic rarely flows at a constant speed.

A group of features called Hazard Recognition Support keeps an 'eye out' for possible collisions, alerting the driver of obstructions ahead. It will also watch for objects in the car's blind spot, and warn if you're drifting out of your lane.

Active front headlights complete the HRS package, the lights turning with the steering wheel to help the driver see through curves and intersections. The system takes into account speed and steering inputs to decide how far to swivel the lights.

The next step in the safety package is a group called Collision Avoidance/Damage Reduction Support (CARS).

Smart Brake Support automatically brakes the car to a stop if the system thinks a collision will occur when the car is moving at less than 15km/h.

Smart City Brake Support is active between four and 30km/h, stopping or reducing the speed of the car to either avoid or reduce the severity of a frontal crash.

If fitted with automatic transmission, the Acceleration Control for Automatic Transmission (ACAT) limits power delivery when the driver mashes the throttle and there is an object in front of the car.

The new Mazda6 will be on show at next month's Australian International Motor Show in Sydney and on sale in early 2013.

FULL DETAILS on the new Mazda6 line-up can be found here.

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