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2015 Lexus GS and LS Update Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jan, 07 2015 | 0 Comments

Lexus has revealed its hand for next week’s Detroit Auto Show, with the long-expected GS F performance sedan emerging in the motor city.

The carmaker had hinted at its intent early last month, but, until now, it was known only that a mystery F model would be presented in Detroit.

Revealed now as the hero sedan that had long been rumoured for the previous-generation range, this new GS F sees the Lexus F stable expand to an unprecedented… two… models.

Powering the GS F is the same big naturally-aspirated 5.0 litre V8 that drives the new RC F coupe.

In this application, power is reduced slightly from 351 to 348kW, while torque drops slightly from 530 to 527Nm. For now, no explanation has been offered for the minor shortfall.

Those are big numbers, but, while they give the RC F a significant power advantage over the 317kW BMW M4 (although the M car has more torque at 550Nm), the GS F lags behind its obvious rivals.

Topping the stats table is Cadillac’s new CTS-V, driven by the Corvette Z06’s supercharged LT4 6.2 litre V8 and delivering a mighty 477kW.

At the German front, there’s the $230,000 412kW BMW M5 (441kW in special ‘30 Jahre’ form) and the $251,000 430kW AMG E 63 S - both benefiting from a dose of turbocharging.

There’s also the $222,000 supercharged Jaguar XFR-S, again more powerful at 404kW.

Here in Australia, big-power fans can also look to the HSV GTS, offering a huge 430kW. And, at $92,990, the big Aussie is this party’s bang-for-buck bargain.

Still, the GS F does have one key advantage: weight. At 1830kg, it’s 115kg lighter than the M5 and 110kg leaner than the E 63.

Lexus hasn’t released performance figures yet, but those savings might help it stick to the backsides of both Germans on the drag strip (if not fly by them).

Combine that with what will likely be a more attractive price range - if the RC F is anything to go by, that is - and the GS F is unlikely to have a hard time finding friends in the showroom.

The GS F’s big V8 is matched to an eight-speed sports auto with paddle shifters, sending power to the rear wheels through the same Torque Vectoring Differential offered with the RC F.

There’s also a number of body reinforcements to set the F apart from the regular GS, along with enhanced sports suspension.

The GS F’s debut likely also represents a preview for the wider 2015 GS line, wearing a broad new version of the brand’s ‘spindle’ grille.

The big sedan also gets new-look headlights inspired by the smaller IS and the new RC coupe, with a set-back design sitting above Lexus’s hooked new signature daytime LED lights.

In F form, the GS also gets aggressive new bumpers, a tall brake vent behind the front wheels and new skirts through the profile.

At the rear, there’s new blacked-out tail lamps inspired again by the RC coupe, sitting above a new bumper and the brand’s familiar stacked exhaust layout.

All of this sits on 19-inch alloys wrapped in 255/35 rubber at the front and wider 275/35 rubber at the rear.

Watch for details on the GS F’s Australian availability to come in the months ahead.

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