Jaguar C-X75 Will Get 1.6 Litres And 500 Horses: Report Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jul, 26 2012 | 0 Comments

Jaguar's new C-X75 supercar will produce near a huge 373kW of power from a mere 1.6 litres of displacement, according to new reports out of the UK.

If that sounds a little unrealistic for applications outside of the motorsport world, well, you'd be forgiven for thinking so.

However, Britain's Autocar reports that the 1.6 litre engine - which can rev up to 10,000rpm - will deliver its epic output with the help of direct injection, a turbocharger, and a supercharger.

Depending on the driving mode, and the intent, that petrol-powered package will then work with an electric motor positioned at each axle.

The high-powered engine will have the ability to drive the rear wheels in tandem with the electric motors for all-wheel-drive grip, but it will also be used to power the generator that will keep the electric motors' lithium-ion battery pack charged.

Driving modes will include all-electric - for around 60 kilometres - and a hybrid mode. For now, at least, the 373kW engine will not be unleashed on its own.

In combined petrol-electric hybrid mode, Autocar claims that Jaguar has confirmed a 0-100km/h time below three seconds. In all-electric mode, less than six seconds.

The powertrain is matched to a seven-speed automated manual trasmission, saving around 100kg compared to a dual-clutch syste.

The report adds that while Formula 1 will soon switch to a 1600cc engine capacity, Jaguar's engine for its C-X75 supercar is an unrelated all-new unit developed at its Gaydon plant in Warwickshire.

If the project reaches the production stages, only 200 of the cars are expected to be built, with a price-tag upwards of £700,000 - or just over one million dollars in Australian currency.

As a petrol-electric hybid supercar, the new Jag will take on Porsche's upcoming 918, and Ferrari's new Enzo successor, among others.

Down here on Earth, the rest of us can at least look forward to Jag's upcoming F-Type roadster, which ought to be a good deal more affordable.

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