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Tony O'Kane | Apr, 19 2015 | 2 Comments

With parking spaces (and land in general) being at a premium in Japan, it's little wonder that the Japanese have an appetite for diminutive cars.

But what do you do when you need the load-lugging capability of a proper wagon but don't have a plus-sized driveway to fit one in?

Honda has the answer in the form of the Shuttle, a light wagon that merges the front two thirds of a Jazz (sold as the Fit in Japan) with a longer rear overhang and swollen rump that's able to swallow a lot more cargo.

The front fascia is unique to the Shuttle too, while the interior is a mash-up of the Jazz and HR-V. Honda doesn't say precisely how big the Shuttle's boot is, but you can wager it's a fair whack bigger than the Jazz's 350 litre boot space.

The boot floor is low and flat, and features additional storage nooks underneath. The rear seats fold flush with the floor as well, converting the Shuttle into something almost van-like.

Two powertrains will be offered, both available either in front-drive or all-wheel drive form. The 1.5 litre petrol will only be offered in base model 'Shuttle G' form, while a 1.5 litre hybrid will be sold in three grades: Hybrid, Hybrid X and Hybrid Z.

An on-sale date for the Japanese domestic market has yet to be announced, however if you're keen on seeing Honda's tiny wagon make it to our shores don't hold your breath.

To date, Honda Australia hasn't expressed a desire to add any wagons to its local lineup, despite tasty Tourer variants of the Civic and Accord having been available in overseas markets for some time.

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