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Steane Klose | Sep, 18 2007 | 0 Comments

Arguably one of the worlds most beautiful concept cars and certainly my favourite (a little bit of Aussie bias there) Holden’s 2005 Efijy concept was designed by Richard Ferlazzo and cost Holden a cool $1.2 million to screw together.

As befits a rock-star, the Efijy concept has been touring the world car-shows for a year or two now and creating a sensation as it does so.

It seems that everyone with a lazy million-and-a-bit to spare wants a piece of Efijy – a rather large piece it would seem as the offers reportedly roll in to buy the one and only Efijy outright.

According to reports, the list of potential buyers includes oil-rich sheiks, millionaire British businessmen and even the brother of Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Some reports suggest that the interest shown in buying Efigy at prices north of $1 million could be enough to make a limited manufacturing run worth the effort.

GM Holden has officially denied the idea but it is suggested that the business case could be a good one – a limited run of the FJ Holden inspired hot-rods with a sticker price of around a million could be possible.

It may be possible but it would be highly unlikely. The fact that there is currently only one Efigy no-doubt plays a part in the prices being offered. Lose that exclusivity and the price will drop correspondingly.

Then there are the little issues like ADR compliance, safety testing and the like - all the ‘little’ things that send many low volume manufacturers to the wall or cause them to severely compromise their designs.

The one and only Efijy is currently on tour in the United States where it is winning many new fans and numerous awards including the 2007 North American Concept Car of the Year. Don’t expect to see a copy in private hands anytime soon.

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