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Kez Casey | Jun, 06 2016 | 0 Comments

The senior vice president of Hyundai’s Genesis luxury arm, Manfred Fitzgerald, has announced that the premium brand is looking to launch its own EV in the future.

Although details including timing were not confirmed at the recent Busan Motor Show in South Korea, Mr Fitzgerald revealed that alternative powertrain solutions were a priority for the upscale brand, with electric vehicles the key technical focus.

Already Hyundai has its hybrid and electric Ioniq small car ready to launch, but it's unclear if Genesis will piggyback its own EV offering off that platform, or adapt its current rear-wheel-drive chassis to suit.

“I think full electric cars will be the future in the auto industry,” Fitzgerald told reporters in Busan.

“We will definitely go as Genesis brand down the road of alternative propulsions and it is very, very obvious that EV is definitely on the map.”

A recent leak of Genesis’ product roadmap up to 2020 showed six key models in the wings for the brand, including the G90 limo and G80 large sedan that have both been revealed.

While that leak identified the body styles that will make up the Genesis brand, no mention was made of the powertrains that would power the future models.

Genesis G90
Genesis G90

The Genesis New York Concept also pointed to hybrid as one of the brand’s future paths, with that car setting the tone for a C-Class competitor, powered by a four-cylinder hybrid powertrain.

It appears unlikely that a pure EV from Genesis would arrive before 2020, and while it’s still unclear if the electric Genesis will be a variant of an existing model, or a stand-alone vehicle, it’s clear that Genesis, despite its relative newness as a brand, isn’t going to let other premium manufacturers overtake it.

Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai Ioniq

Already Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Audi have signalled their intention to enter the EV field, in an attempt to catch up to BMW’s i sub brand, and Tesla.

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