Ford Files 'EcoBeast' Trademark: F-150 Green Monster On The Way? Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Dec, 30 2014 | 0 Comments

Ford has filed a trademark application for the name "EcoBeast", leading to speculation that a hard-core (yet frugal) version of the F-150 is in the works.

The application simply lists the name as being for "automobiles or automobile engines". It's obviously a play on Ford's established EcoBoost designator for its turbocharged powertrains, but the "Beast" suffix has our interest piqued.

Whatever car it's destined for, the EcoBeast badge sounds like it'll be applied to something a little more muscular and aggressive than cars like the EcoBoost-engined Mondeo, Fiesta or Falcon.

The new Mustang (above), of course, could also be contender for the title, and with EcoBoost power already confirmed in the form of a 2.3 litre turbo four it's no great stretch to imagine Ford's pony car with a more powerful turbocharged variant.

But with the new alloy-bodied F-150 range still fresh out of the box and a replacement for the SVT Raptor incoming, the EcoBeast moniker is most likely headed for Ford's iconic 'truck'


Besides, "Beast" just sounds more appropriate for a full-grown ute than it does for a sports car.

It could signify that the SVT Raptor may be ditching its V8 and going down the turbocharged V6 route, though a more believable scenario is that Ford is preparing a "gap-filler" turbo V6 model to plug the divide between the regular F-150 range and the incoming 2016 SVT Raptor.

Or, Ford is just protecting the EcoBoost brand by trademarking similar-sounding names. How dull.

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