Ford Evos A Mustang Revolution: Report Photo:
Ford Evos Concept Photo:
2013_ford_mondeo_03_energi_plug_in_hybrid_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_08 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_03 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_03 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_03_energi_plug_in_hybrid_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_11 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_02_hybrid_overseas_03 Photo: tmr
2012 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Photo:
ford_evos_concept_11 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_16 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_02_hybrid_overseas_04 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_03 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_01 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_06 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_02_hybrid_overseas_06 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_10 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_15 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_09 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_10 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_02_hybrid_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_07 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_15 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_02 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_02 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_02_hybrid_overseas_07 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_09 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_13 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_07 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_09 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_17 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_06 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_14 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_05 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_04 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_03_energi_plug_in_hybrid_overseas_04 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_12 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_14 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_08 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_08 Photo: tmr
2013 Ford Mondeo (Fusion) - Overseas Photo:
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_16 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_13 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_05 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_02_hybrid_overseas_05 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_05 Photo: tmr
2012_ford_mustang_shelby_gt500_04 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_07 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_03_energi_plug_in_hybrid_overseas_05 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_01_ecoboost_overseas_04 Photo: tmr
2013_ford_mondeo_02_hybrid_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
ford_evos_concept_12 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Apr, 17 2012 | 5 Comments

Reports this month that Ford's new Mustang will move away from the current car's retro styling have lead to talk of the Evos concept evolving into the next pony.

According to the Wall Street Journal, unnamed sources at Ford have confirmed a styling connection to the popular concept, along with the new Mondeo sedan that it spawned.

The report claims that while the sixth-generation 'Stang will contine with the familiar shark-nosed grille and round headlights, the car's overall look is "almost a body double for the Evos concept".

The concept has already been touted by Ford design boss J Mays as the future of the brand's styling, but the Mustang has historically carried only the most basic design connection to its siblings.

Ford will be looking to the future-focused styling of the new model to boost Mustang sales, with the car's record annual total of 166,530 in 2006 dwarfing last year's 70,438 sales.

The new coupe is expected to debut sometime in 2014, in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang line.

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