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Trevor Collett | Sep, 27 2016 | 4 Comments

Ford Australia has manufactured the last mass-produced engines it is ever likely to build, but the carmaker is holding off on celebrations until next week.

The local engine plant in Geelong Victoria had most recently assembled the eight-cylinder engine imported from the US with local modifications, along with the venerable Ford straight-six petrol engine which, arguably, has an iconic status the equal of any of the vehicles it powered.

Having produced engines since 1925, the plant rolled out its last two donks yesterday. Fittingly, one of each of the V8 and six-cylinder engines was the final pair to be completed.

Ford diehards may have expected a parade, a charity auction, a cake, or just something to commemorate the occasion. All they got was a single image posted to social media, and it didn’t appear on an official Ford Australia site.

Instead, and perhaps understandably, Ford is waiting until next week when the last of its locally-built cars roll off the production line at Broadmeadows.

The Geelong staff will join their Melbourne counterparts at Broadmeadows for a celebration of the carmaker’s Australian history when the final car (almost certainly a Ford Falcon) is completed.

The Falcon Ute has already bid farewell, now joined by the two engines that most recently powered it.

The destiny of the final engines is not yet known. They may go on to power the final two vehicles from the Broadmeadows plant or they may simply sit in a museum.

What we do know, is that the last car is scheduled to see the light of day on October 7 when Ford pulls the curtain on its Australian carmaker operations.

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