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Mike Stevens | Apr, 11 2011 | 0 Comments

Sebastian Vettel extended his championship lead on Sunday by winning the Malaysian Grand Prix.

"In the heat we stayed cool," said the reigning world champion and Red Bull driver, who is now 24 points ahead of McLaren's Jenson Button, who finished second on Sunday.

"The entire race was quite different to what we saw two weeks ago – it was a lot closer and there were more pit stops due to the tyres. With the stops, you don’t want to be first in, as you want to do as few stops as possible, but also you don’t want someone else to go in, get an advantage with new tyres and undercut you," Vettel said.

"It’s been close here, so we need to keep cool and keep pushing, but the guys know this is the way forward, so I’m not worried. But for today we will enjoy it and be very proud."

German Vettel's win was despite apparent reliability problems for the KERS system aboard both RB7 cars.

Lewis Hamilton faded in the last part of the race and was further slowed with a hit from behind by Fernando Alonso, but with Button within sight of the winner, McLaren is confident for the coming races.

"We will run a new floor in China on Friday," revealed team boss Martin Whitmarsh.

Said Button: "The step we've made from the last race to here is very impressive."



Mark Webber On Finishing 4th At Sepang

“It was a tough race today. It wasn’t a good start out of the box and we had a failure with the KERS, so I was out of position on the first lap," Mark Webber said.

"For the first three or four laps, I was trying to pass people, but they were coming back at me on the straights; it was tough to clear people when I didn’t have KERS."

"Anyway, I fought back with a good strategy and got some good points at least. It wasn’t our day today and I was disappointed not to get on the podium. It was close, but not close enough, But, it will come and now we go to Shanghai," he added.


Malaysian Government Undecided About F1 Beyond 2015

The Malaysian Government is yet to decide about whether to keep hosting Formula One at Sepang beyond 2015.

"We will see," said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak after Sunday's 2011 event outside Kuala Lumpur. "The cabinet will decide," he told reporters at the circuit.

The PM said he was happy with Sunday's bigger crowd than usual - more than 100,000 - and sounded optimistic about the future.

"I believe this championship can increase Malaysia's profile internationally," Mr Najib said.

The first Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang was held in 1999.



Hamilton, Alonso Penalised For Malaysia Duel

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have both been penalised following their stoush in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

McLaren's Hamilton drops from seventh to eighth after stewards ruled he "made more than one change of direction" whilst dicing with Alonso, his former teammate.

And Ferrari driver Alonso also received a post-race drive-through penalty - 20 seconds added to his race finishing time - for "causing a collision" when he drove into Hamilton's rear.

But the Spaniard keeps his sixth place.

"He just clipped me with his wing and broke my car's rear floor. I don't how much downforce that lost me. Today wasn't the greatest of days," said Hamilton.


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