Dubai Police Enlist Lamborghini Aventador Photo:
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duabi_police_lamborghini_aventador_02 Photo: tmr
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duabi_police_lamborghini_aventador_03 Photo: tmr
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Peter Anderson | Apr, 12 2013 | 0 Comments

Dubai's finest have a new weapon to deal with the city's speeding supercar drivers - their own supercar, a Lamborghini Aventador.

Speculation around the car's provenance is rife, with the most likely answer that the car is one of a number of confiscated vehicles - as the ill-gotten gains of crime - by the Emirate's police force.

The Aventador is quite a step up from the usual machine employed by the country's constabulary but it's not the first super-cop-car.

Lamborghini is something of a favourite of the police the world over - a simple search will find Gallardos in Britain, South Africa and Italy. The Italian Gallardos were donated by Lambo in 2004 to tackle the country's sobering road toll of 5000 deaths per year..

An Italian policeman made news in 2009 back when he wrecked one of the Gallardos during a pursuit, scooping up a Mercedes van in the process and a line of parked cars.

The British police have a history of getting their hands on some serious machinery, with Lotus Esprits, Elises and Exiges popping up in blue and yellow checkerboard livery.

Porsche has been known to supply the Austrian police with 911 Turbos for highway patrol and German police have had access to a plethora of fast Audis, Mercedes and BMWs over the years to deal with the high-speed rigours of the autobahn.

The German Polizei also recently took delivery of a twin-turbo Brabus-tuned CLS Rocket.

Some US police forces have spent some money on American muscle over the years too, with plenty of Vipers, Corvette C6s and of course Mustangs pounding interstate highways. The Texan police departments seem especially keen, one sheriff ordering a 7.0 litre supercharged Hummer H1.

The Netherlands police once ran a Spyker C8 Spyder. It perhaps wasn't quite what they were looking for, as it had no roof and winter there can be a tad nippy.

Right now in Sydney, a Porsche Panamera can be seen on the lower north shore, but only as a community liaison vehicle. Go back a few years and a Lotus Exige also lurked in the ranks of the NSW Police fleet.

Supercars are often "donated" by car companies in publicity stunts to help the police get their message across and get some engagement with the public, particularly younger males.

In the case of the Dubai Aventador, it will be one that will hard to shake if it gets onto a law-breaker's tail.

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