Driving Could Become Illegal As Autonomous Cars Improve: Musk Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Mar, 18 2015 | 24 Comments

Tesla boss Elon Musk sees a future, not too distant, where autonomous cars could prove so capable that driving our own cars might eventually be made illegal.

Speaking at a technology conference in California this week, Musk said that as self-driving cars become safer than humans, “you can’t have a person driving a two-ton death machine".

In its current developmental state, self-driving technology is far from being ready for full service - and legislation has yet to be approved for its use on most public roads - but Musk believes that day is not far off.

“I almost view it as a solved problem,” Musk said. “We know exactly what to do, and we’ll solve it in a few years.”

Musk later took to Twitter to clarify that Tesla is “strongly in favour of people being allowed to drive their cars”.

“However, when self-driving cars become safer than human-driven cars, the public may outlaw the latter. Hopefully not,” he added.

Tesla has revealed its own ‘autopilot’ system - essentially an enhanced and more sophisticated take on cruise control - and a number of key brands have been actively promoting their own self-driving projects in recent years.

Google and Apple have also launched into the autonomous driving arena, firing up speculation that the tech giants may announce their own road-going offerings in the years ahead.

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