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Nissan Previews Next Altima With Vmotion 2.0 Concept

Nissan previewed the next-generation Altima medium sedan and its future autonomous technology in Detroit with the Vmotion 2.0 concept.

Hyundai Reveals Its Vision For The Future Of Motoring

Hyundai has outlined its plans for a 'hyper connected car' at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas this week.

Toyota Concept-i Aims to Shape The Future Of Mobility

Toyota has presented its vision of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with a “warm and friendly” user experience...

BMW i Inside Future Shows What Is Ahead For Autonomous Motoring

BMW says the accelerating digital age and autonomous driving demand a top-to bottom change in the way future car interiors will look and function,&...

Chrysler Aims For The Attention Of Millennials With Portal Concept

Chrysler is credited with the creation of the modern minivan with its Town & Country, introduced in 1984, and now the brand is targeting buyers...

Tesla Begins Public Beta Trials Of 'Enhanced Autopilot' System

Tesla has kept a promise of enabling its ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ function by the end of 2016 starting with a fleet 100...

Volkswagen Turns To Video Game Experts In New Recruitment Push

The Volkswagen Group is set to expand its strengths in artificial intelligence, data, and connectivity with a recruitment drive to add 10...

Hyundai Shares Vision For Future Mobility At CES

Hyundai is preparing to preview its vision for future mobility with a focus on vehicle autonomy and high-level connectivity at the Consumer El...

Ford Next-Gen Autonomous Development Vehicle to Make CES Debut

With just a few days to go until the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford is preparing to unveil its next generation autonom...

2017 Nissan Serena ProPilot Preview Drive | The First Step Towards An Autonomous Future

By the year 2020 autonomous vehicle technology will have well and truly arrived, but before a driverless vehicle can take to the streets Nissa...

Honda And Waymo Open Discussions On Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

The first trial vehicles for Google’s Waymo self-driving vehicle trial may have come from the workshops of Fiat Chrysler, but now Honda has a...

BMW To Launch Fully Autonomous And Electric iNext by 2021

Mark it down in your diaries, the day of reckoning for cars as we know it has been set for 2021.

Melbourne’s Citylink and EastLink Tollways To Begin Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Trials In 2017

The Victorian government has announced that, together with automakers and technology firms, it will begin testing semi-autonomous vehicle technolog...

Google’s Waymo and Chrysler Roll Out Autonomous Trial Vans

Google’s vision of an autonomous future has a new name Waymo. And as part of the spin-off the company has rolled out the first...

Apple Letter To NHTSA Hints At Future Autonomous Car Tech

The round-a-bout that is the future ‘Apple Car’ seems to be spinning again, with the tech giant weighing in on a debate targeting futur...

Rinspeed Unveils Autonomous Urban Runabout

Swiss specialist Rinspeed says it’s about time we called an end to full-size SUVs for the daily drive in urban areas and has unveiled its Oas...

Ford To Begin Autonomous Vehicle Trials In Europe

Ford is set to extend the reach of its existing autonomous vehicle program in the United States, with plans to start trialling self-driving technol...

Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous Concept On Show In Los Angeles

Hyundai has taken the next step in its self-driving technology program, detailing an autonomous version of its new Ioniq hybrid.

Samsung Snaps Up Harman - Looks To Strengthen Automotive Tech

Samsung’s fiery phone fiasco may have cost the tech giant many millions, but the company still has enough cash in the bank to acquire Harman ...

Motorclassica - Tech-Overload BMW iVision On Show

Lots of great historic cars on display this weekend in Melbourne at the Motorclassica show, but visitors will get a glimpse of the future BMW-style...

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