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Waymo’s Self-Driving Test Fleet To Undergo Massive Expansion

Fiat Chrysler has announced that it will supply a further 500 Chrysler Pacifica minivans to Waymo’s autonomous driving test program later thi...

Apple’s Autonomous Driving Program, Courtesy Of Video Games

The initial details of tech giant Apple’s first foray into the realm of autonomous driving systems have emerged via public record requests su...

Skoda Vision E Charges Up For Electric Future In Shanghai

Skoda has unveiled its Vision E concept at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, pointing to the Czech brand’s future EV direction.

Skoda Pencils-In Electric Future - Inside And Out

Skoda is preparing to unveil a concept that will point to the brand’s near-future electric plans with a new concept called the Vision E, rele...

Daimler And Bosch Team Up On Autonomous Cars

Bosch is the granddaddy when it comes to many important safety innovations in the motoring world, so it’s no surprise carmakers are lining up...

Which Company Will Create The First Fully Autonomous Vehicle?

New market resesarch has shown that Ford is the closest - while still having a fair way to go - to building a fully driverless car.

Tesla | Autopilot Gains New Features - New Records From 2017 Q1 Sales

Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous technology has received a boost with new features as part of a Version 8.1 software upgrade.

Uber Autonomous Tests Suspended - Then Recommenced

A Uber self-driving Volvo XC90 on its side after a crash last Friday in Tempe, Arizona has resulted in the ride-sharing company calling a halt to i...

Mercedes-Benz Announces Australian Testing Program

Mercedes-Benz will embark on an Australian test program aimed at accelerating the introduction of self-driving and safety features both l...

Uber Autonomous Cars Need Frequent Driver Help

Documents obtained by Recode show Uber’s fleet of autonomous cars in various North American locations (mostly in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and ...

Haval Promises Autonomous Vehicle by 2020

Chinese SUV brand Haval has announced that it will join other leading automakers with an autonomous vehicle of its own, to be produced by...

Geneva Motor Show - Updated Looks And Some Autonomous Features For Facelifted Infiniti Q50

A further update for Infiniti’s Q50 sedan will debut this week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Volvo XC60 Teased Ahead Of Geneva Debut - New Semi-Autonomous Features

Volvo has kept the onlookers busy in the lead-up to the Geneva Motor Show, with several teaser images heralding the imminent arrival of its new XC6...

Nissan Starts Autonomous Vehicle Testing On European Roads

Nissan has previewed its upcoming European on-road testing of autonomous vehicles with a demonstration on roads east of London.

Tesla Update - Model 3 | Superchargers | Insurance | New Zealand And More

Production for Tesla’s highly-anticipated Model 3 could begin as early as July in a limited capacity, before the electric carmaker ramps up t...

GM And Lyft To Start World’s Largest Autonomous Vehicle Trial In 2018

General Motors, in conjunction with ride-sharing affiliate Lyft Inc, will begin testing thousands of autonomous vehicles in the largest p...

Toyota Teases Autonomous i-TRIL Concept Ahead Of Geneva

Toyota has released the first look at its i-TRIL concept, set to make its official debut in March as part of the Geneva Motor Show.

Fiat Chrysler Design Chief Calls For Industry Collaboration On Autonomous Cars

The age of autonomous motoring is on its way but, according to Fiat Chrysler design chief Ralph Gilles, automakers and outside industries will...

Nissan Begins Real World Autonomous Testing In London

Nissan is the latest carmaker to send its self-driven vehicles out into the real world, with a new testing program underway in London, England.

Nissan Previews Next Altima With Vmotion 2.0 Concept

Nissan previewed the next-generation Altima medium sedan and its future autonomous technology in Detroit with the Vmotion 2.0 concept.

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