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Ford To Begin Autonomous Vehicle Trials In Europe

Ford is set to extend the reach of its existing autonomous vehicle program in the United States, with plans to start trialling self-driving technol...

Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous Concept On Show In Los Angeles

Hyundai has taken the next step in its self-driving technology program, detailing an autonomous version of its new Ioniq hybrid.

Samsung Snaps Up Harman - Looks To Strengthen Automotive Tech

Samsung’s fiery phone fiasco may have cost the tech giant many millions, but the company still has enough cash in the bank to acquire Harman ...

Motorclassica - Tech-Overload BMW iVision On Show

Lots of great historic cars on display this weekend in Melbourne at the Motorclassica show, but visitors will get a glimpse of the future BMW-style...

Tesla Goes Fully Autonomous - All Models Now ‘Full Self-Driving’

Tesla has announced that every car it builds from now on will have the capacity to drive itself.

Apple Car Appears Doomed As Workers Shown The Door

Rumours of the demise of the Apple Car project are growing stronger by the day, as the global tech giant appears certain to pull the pin.

Australian-Developed Autonomous (Self-Driving) Car On The Road

Australia could lead the world in development of autonomous (self-driving) cars following the lead of a Tesla Model S developed in Victoria by Germ...

Volkswagen ID Electric Car To Launch In 2020 - Concept Unveiled In Paris

Strictly a Paris Motor Show concept car at this stage, the significance of this Volkswagen electric car called the I.D.

Tesla Software Version 8.0 - Biggest UI Change Since Local Model S Launch

Tesla has announced software Version 8.0 will soon be available in Australia as an over-the-air update, representing the biggest overhaul to the us...

Smile Pedestrians, That Approaching Autonomous Car Has Spotted You

The rush to autonomous motoring isn’t lacking in landmines for car companies, and the mingling of vehicles and pedestrians is certainly a &ls...

Tesla Autopilot Version 8 Shifts Focus To Radars

Tesla has outlined improvements to its Autopilot self-driving software, with the new ‘Version 8’ to channel a heavier focus on radar de...

Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Cars To Become "Personal Assistants"

The autonomous car is coming, like it or not.

Tesla Autopilot Reportedly Weeks Away From Fully Autonomous Capabilities

As Tesla gears up to launch its Autopilot 2.0 suite of driver assistance technologies, company CEO, Elon Musk, has taken to Twitter to announce maj...

Self-Driving Taxi Trial Begins In Singapore

The world’s major automakers and tech firms may be shooting for 2020 to launch their autonomous vehicle programs, but in Singapore you can ca...

This Isn’t Scalextric – It’s A Real Autonomous Race Car

The first ‘DevBot’ driverless electric RoboRace car is about to debut at the Donington Park circuit in England.

Volvo And Uber Team Up On Autonomous Cars

Two companies pushing hard for the autonomously-driven future have teamed up to further accelerate development.

Tesla Removes ‘Self Driving’ Claim From Chinese Website

Tesla has reportedly removed references to “self-driving” from its website for customers in China, after a traffic incident in the Peop...

Ford Will Have Volume Production Of Full Autonomous Vehicles In Five Years

Ford’s global CEO Mark Fields could not have put it any clearer: “Ford is going to be mass-producing vehicles with full autonomy in fiv...

More Radars And Triple Cameras For Tesla’s Autopilot 2.0

Autonomous driving still ranks high on Tesla’s ‘To-Do’ List which as we reported a couple of weeks back also includes commer...

GM Delays Autonomous Systems To Deliver Driver-Centric Solutions

Like it or not, vehicular automation is coming, backed by some of the largest players in the automotive and technology industries.

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