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Malcolm Flynn | Aug, 08 2012 | 0 Comments

Canadian specialist manufacturer Conquest Vehicles has taken the wraps off its newest model, the Evade luxury SUV.

Conquest’s press material forthrightly announces the fact that the Evade is ‘unarmoured’, though its styling very much suggests the contrary.

As an aesthetic twin of its armoured Knight XV stablemate, the Evade is priced some US$50,000 less, but at a still exclusivity-ensuring US$579,000 (AU$549,000).

This is nearly double the projected asking price of the titanium-framed Nagel Dakkar by Latvian-owned Dartz revealed last week.

Punching in the same way-over-the-top survivalist-truck category, the Evade comes with more prosaic underpinnings than the Dartz - a Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis, powered by a choice of (yet to be confirmed) diesel or petrol engines.

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While Conquest hasn't revealed the Evade’s interior, it promises that the “prominent exterior design cues will be seamlessly incorporated into the interior of the cabin design" without losing the feel of being in a luxury SUV. (So maybe a leather-trimmed gun-rack and spitoon...)

The interior layout is also said to boast 400 cubic feet (11,347 litres) of space, with 2+2 limousine style seating.

Given this roughly equates to the cargo area of two-and-a-half Hyundai iLoad vans, the four passengers should be reasonably comfortable.

Reinforcing this notion are executive-style reclining seats, laptop trays, three sunroofs, and the option of either driver partition or retractable flat-screen television.

Conquest has confirmed that the Evade will be available for order by the end of the year.

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