Citroen C4 AirCross Teased Photo:
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_05 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_18 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_03 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_01 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_07 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_02 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_10 Photo: tmr
2011 Citroen DS4 Photo:
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_26 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_22 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_25 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_06 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_06 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_11 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_13 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_10 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_09 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_27 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_15 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_02 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_09 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_03 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_21 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_17 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_14 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_19 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_12 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_05 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_08 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_20 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_23 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_13 Photo: tmr
Citroen C4 AirCross Photo:
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_11 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_08 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_01 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_04 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_07 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_24 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_04 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_c4_press_photos_australia_12 Photo: tmr
2011_citroen_ds4_australian_debut_unclear_16 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Sep, 29 2011 | 0 Comments

Citroen has released a single cropped image of its upcoming C4 AirCross - and as teasers go, this one is thin.

For now, the French carmaker has revealed little about the new model. We can likely expect a high-riding version of the new C4, filling the price gap between the regular hatch and the upmarket DS4 crossover.

The C4 AirCross may take the off-road concept further than the style-focused DS4 however, gaining a rugged body kit and a more capable suspension and all-wheel-drive arrangement.

Powertrains will likely mirror those offered with the C4, including a turbocharged 115kW 1.6 litre petrol engine and a 110kW 2.0 litre HDi diesel.

An unveiling date for the C4 AirCross has been set for October 7. Watch this space for more details as they arrive.

Above: the 2011 Citroen DS4.
Above: the 2011 Citroen DS4.

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