BMW-Toyota Joint Venture Sports Car To Be Next Supra, Z4: Report Photo:
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Tony O'Kane | Jul, 18 2014 | 3 Comments

Toyota and BMW are building a sports car together. That much is known, that much is fact.

What isn't known, however, is precisely what each brand's respective car will be. Though the architecture will be shared the cars themselves will be distinct from one another, but what space will they occupy in their respective marque's lineups?

The leading theory for Toyota's future sports car is that it will revive the Supra nameplate, and pick up where the last-generation twin-turbocharged Supra left off.

A patent application lodged by Toyota for the Supra name supports this theory, as does the appearance of the FT-1 concept (below) - which shares the last Supra's silhouette and RWD layout - on the motor show scene earlier this year.

But BMW's intent for the sports car joint venture has been less clear. A Supra-sized vehicle would be too large for a Z4 replacement, and other thoeries suggested that it could be better suited as a 6 Series successor - or perhaps a new model line altogether.

However, Japan's Nikkei newspaper reckons it has the answer, and reports that BMW will indeed spin the next-gen Z4 off the new platform, while the Supra will be its Toyota cousin.

Nikkei also believes that we'll see the first product of the BMW/Toyota union sometime in 2017, by which time the current Z4 will be eight years old, and due for a replacement.

The report is thin on other details, but expect to hear more about BMW and Toyota's cross-bred sports car in the near future.

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