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Kez Casey | Jun, 23 2017 | 0 Comments

Nissan continues its drip-feed of information about the 2018 Leaf EV, announcing ProPilot autonomous cruise control as one of the new model’s headline features.

Already available on the Serena minivan and X-Trail SUV in the Japanese market, ProPilot is capable of stop-and-go driving in single-lane highway situations, controlling the accelerator, brake and steering without driver intervention.

At this stage ProPilot isn’t a full hands-off autonomous system though, requiring the driver to maintain contact with the steering wheel, and asking for manual confirmation to resume automated driving in situations where a stopped lead-vehicles moves off.

Nissan has already laid out plans to expand ProPilot’s abilities with successive generations of the system, adding the ability to operate in multi-lane situations and change lanes by itself first before expanding to full functionality in city situations, including navigating intersections.

A previous teaser for the 2018 Leaf gave a closely cropped look at the new headlight assembly, but reveals little else about the new model.

Reports have suggested the new model will get a massively boosted driving range, where the Australian delivered model had a range of 170 kilometres and later overseas updates extended that to 250 kilometres the 2018 Leaf may be capable of up to 540 kilometres on a single charge.

Nissan is expected to tease more details of the Leaf over the coming months with a full reveal set to take place later this year.

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