2017 Honda Civic Hatch Teased Ahead Of Geneva Debut Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Feb, 10 2016 | 0 Comments

Honda has given us our first glimpse of its all-new Civic hatchback, which will join the already-unveiled Civic sedan and coupe when it debuts at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

Though Honda's Geneva show car is technically a concept, the previous "concept" for the Civic Coupe bore only minor differences to the production car that followed it (wheels, bumpers, wing mirrors and other easily-changed body bits).

Thus we can expect the Honda Civic hatchback "prototype" - shown above in just a single teaser image - to be an accurate indication of what to expect in the showroom.

Unlike the current generation Honda Civic family, there's a stronger visual link between the new-generation hatchback, sedan and coupe - at least as far as the rear is concerned.

There, the boomerang-shaped tail lights are a common styling element across all three models, as are the wide haunches and tapering turret.

It appears the Civic hatch's distinctive split tailgate glass will return for the new generation (which will enter the European market in early 2017), though unlike the current-gen hatch it will be sold globally, including in the US market.

Engine details are yet to come, but expect a similar lineup of motors to the sedan and hatch - including Honda's new 1.5 litre turbocharged "Earth Dreams" engine.

We'll have more once the new Civic Hatchback prototype makes its first public appearance at Geneva on March 1.

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