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2013 Perth Motor Show Cancelled, Support For 4WD Show Builds Photo:
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TMR Team | Apr, 29 2013 | 1 Comment


Perth will again miss out on a major motor show in 2013, despite nearly 30,000 visitors to the 2011 show, the event's organisers have confirmed today.

The announcement follows the cancellation last month of the 2013 Australian International Motor Show, which was to be held in Melbourne.

While a lack of manufacturer support led to the Melbourne show's cancellation, it's the lack of a big-ticket national event that has scuttled this year's Perth Motor Show.

Speaking with TMR today, Perth Motor Show Director Peter Woods said that plans for 2013, which would continue the successful 'Motor Show Live' format used in 2011, hinged on the Melbourne event going ahead.

"With the Melbourne show on, there would have been a number of new models launched and it would have been a simple thing to ship them over for our Live show," Mr Woods said.

"The focus of the 2011 event was on local businesses and clubs, local stands and displays, and giving showgoers a more involving experience."

"The format worked well and thanks to the show in Melbourne, we had brand-new cars like the Aventador drive up onto the stage in front of fans."

Perth motoring fans still have plenty to look forward to in 2013 however, with the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show scheduled for November.

Importantly, the event has gathered strong support from manufacturers, thanks largely to the booming popularity of the 4WD and SUV market.

"It's a format that just works," Mr Woods told TMR today. "It's an outdoor event and buyers get to see the cars in action."

"We saw more than 30,000 visitors at the last 4WD show, and the format means that carmakers can spend less to be involved while marketing models to the fastest growing segment."

The Perth Motorcycle and Scooter Show will be on again in November, and seafaring fans will get another Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show in October.

As for the Perth Motor Show, Mr Woods said the event's organisers will regroup and re-evaluate the show's options, watching for word on the Australian International Motor Show's return - but also planning for the possibility that it won't return at all.

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